Nerd Confessions Podcast: We spread out our big spring arms in the spirit of Valentine’s day to embrace all the new updates that have come to ARMS on Nintendo Switch since launch on the podcast this week. ARMS is Nintendo’s first big game to bring waggle back to the Nintendo Switch. We cover updates 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 4.1 all the way up to 5.0, the final content update for the game. The last content update means that there may continue to be updates to re-balance or fix bugs, but no new content will be coming to the game. How do all the new characters add to balancing since the game’s launch? How is each one uniquely themed for their abilities? Did the added characters and game modes make it worth revisiting the game? Has our opinion on the game changed? We address all these questions and more! Listen or follow along as we discuss!

During listener confessions this week we are featuring @liam6797 via Instagram and his obsession with Cuphead’s challenging gameplay in addition to some of our own confessions! Give @liam6797 some love on his Instagram in the Valentine’s day spirit.

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Show Notes

ARMS on Nintendo Switch version 5.0

What’s been going on with arms since launch?

We all remember Arms, the first fun game on Nintendo Switch that brought Nintendo waggle back. We’re not including 1, 2, Switch because it’s more demo than game. While it didn’t have a great launch and didn’t have the staying power we all hoped it might have there have been a lot of additions to the game since launch.

December 2017, Nintendo announced that a comic series based on the game is set to be released by Dark Horse Comics in Q3 2018.

Since launch the game has hosted timed Party Crash events over announced weekends. Party Crash is much like the Party Match game mode, but features special rules and pits two picked characters against each other. Use one of the characters and you’ll get rewards. The most used character wins the Party Crash at the end of the event.

We’ve got lots of new characters!

Original Characters:

  • Spring Man: Generic boy fighter that is well balanced.
  • Ribbon Girl: Generic girl fighter that is well balanced.
  • Ninjara: Ninja themed spring man.
  • Master Mummy: The huge OP mummy man.
  • Min Min: Sloppy noodle arm lady with dragons.
  • Mechanica: Robot lady.
  • Twintelle: Mega celebrity, she fights with her perfect hair’s pigtails. Also fan favorite, she thicc.
  • Byte & Barq: Robot robot and his dog robot companion.
  • Kid Cobra: Snake arms slithery personality.
  • Helix: Flubber man with ARMS of DNA.
  • Hedlok: Not a playable character, but a boss. End boss of Grand Prix when played at 4 or higher. Opponent in the Team Vs Hedlok mode in Party Match.

New Characters:

  • Max Brass: Looks like a ARMS rendition of Johnny Bravo. So bro, he’s got his pecks fist bumping.
  • Lola Pop: Themed as a traveling clown, she looks pretty sweet.
  • Misango: Homage to Stardust Crusaders,, he is an Aztec style character with a spirit companion.
  • Springtron: Evil version of Spring Man.
  • Dr. Coyle: Empress of ARMS lab, she appears to be a villain and is the final new character.

Each new character, just like the old characters came with their own ring themed just to them. The most memorable of the old characters was the Ramen Bowl ring for Min MIn. Dr. Coyle appears as if she be the main antagonist of the Comic series.

Max Brass:

Released in July as part of the ARMS 2.0 patch.

He is head of the ARMS league, organizing the body of the Grand Prix. Eagerly awaiting new challengers he may look buff, but he actually 52 years old. His home stage is Sky Arena which features a square in the middle that is higher making players avoid the edges.


  • Able to deflect incoming ARMS.
  • Gains permanently charged arms when he is below 20 percent health.
  • Able to buff his upper body when charging in order to prevent flinching.

Lola Pop:

Released in September as part of the 3.0 patch.

Traveled the world as a street performer. She’s developed crowd-pleasing maneuvers that confuse and confound opponents! She hopes to one day open a circus of her very own with the Grand Prix money. Her stage is Via Dolce and is shaped like a large S with cafes and shops all around. The stage’s name is Italian for Sweet Street.


  • Inflates body while shielding which adds extra defense and can cancel into a jump.
  • Can inflate while in the air, causing her to drop quickly and bounce on the ground.


Released in November as part of the 4.0 patch.

Skilled fighter devoted to his homeland (Latin America) and has the power of the Misanga. He channels that power with the help of his little woven sprite that hovers at his side. Temple grounds is his themed ring.


  • When spirit is red he gains a bull mask that reduces flinch chance.
  • When spirit is blue, he is faster and jumps higher.
  • While the spirit is yellow he can block incoming attacks for limited time during rush.


Released in November as part of the 4.1 patch.

Introduced as a secret boss fought immediately before Max Brass, but was added as a fighter later. Sparring is his home stage and was made available in update 3.1.


  • Special ability is a shockwave he can send out over a distance to disable fighter’s ARMS.

Dr. Coyle:

Released in December 2017 as part of 5.0 patch.

Director of ARMS Laboratories, seeking to be the strongest ARMS Fighter. Her homme stage is [Name Redacted]. She is also the creator of Helix, Hedlok, Springtron and the Party Crash program.


  • Hover while jumping.
  • While charging ARMS, she can get a third one to deal more damage.
  • Can become invisible after getting knocked down.

Let’s wrap this up:

What do we think of the new characters overall? Some of them are very fun and added some variety the base game could have used.

Did all of these updates help with the staying power of the game? Other than giving us an excuse to revisit the game? No.

We know that Nintendo has a comic coming from Dark Horse. What else can Nintendo do with this property in the future?

At launch we rated the game a 7.75 (Tommy gave it 9.5), does this rating still hold up or have has ARMS punched us one too many times? Tommy still loves it! Ellie has a tainted opinion after frequently losing to Tommy and William/Soheil maintain the original rating.

You can catch our previous Podcast on ARMS here:

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That’s it for this week!

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