Hello Everyone it’s Soheil here with your Nerd News for this week! So leeeetttttsss a gooo!

  1. Han Solo Trailers: This last week we had two separate trailers launched for the new Han Solo – Solo Film. We get a teaser which is 0:45 Seconds. Lets watch it:

Hey Kid, then we had a launch of a new longer cut version with much more of a story behind it. This one gave us a little more meat of what we think the story is going to be. Let me get my peepers on this one:

  1.  Have you heard of DeepFakes yet? If not, you will.

Souce: https://theoutline.com/post/3179/deepfake-videos-are-freaking-experts-out?zd=2

It looks like the good old face swap of Snap Chat and FaceSwap applications has gone into areas that are now concerning some of the large goverment bodies. Eairlier this month, at the Defence Advanced Research Agency’s (DARPA) Media Forensics program meeting, experts on digital video manipulation found themselves preoccupied by a Reddit community of Deepfake enthusiasts, which has been using neural networks to produce convincing face swaps — most of which, crudely, insert the likenesses of celebrities into pornographic films.

Here is an example:

You can see some mask flickering around the face but its pretty crazy. Experts in forensic video were blindsided by Deepfakes, a machine learning system that can be trained to paste one person’s face onto another person’s body, complete with facial expressions. The effect isn’t yet more convincing than conventional computer graphics techniques, in Farid’s opinion, but it could democratize Hollywood-level special effects fakery — and, potentially, lead to a flood of convincing hoaxes. However, imagine if you had someone that was angry at an ex or someone doing it for political means. Like posting a political leaders face saying or doing something to make another country angry. This could lead to a bigger issue. We will see where this goes.

For example a funny one:

  1. Let’s take a trip back to the Jurassic Period. This week we also had a release of a longer trailer for Jurassic Park: The Lost World. Sorry!! Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Here we get a longer look at what the story may be about.

Here we see another Ingen like person saying he wants to show the world something. We possibly see a new dinosaur that was genetically modified like the indominus rex. This also has the good old Blue coming back to help the team. What does everyone think?

  1.  From the same pad where NASA launched rockets that carried astronauts to the moon, a big, new American rocket arced into space on Tuesday. But this time, NASA was not involved. The rocket, the Falcon Heavy, was built by SpaceX, the company founded and run by the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Source: http://nyti.ms/2EIxnRW

The launch of this turbocharged version of the workhorse Falcon 9 rocket, which has been carrying cargo to space for years, marks an important milestone in spaceflight, the first time a rocket this powerful has been sent into space by a private company rather than a government space agency.

The rocket carried a playful payload: Mr. Musk’s red Roadster, an electric sports car built by his other company, Tesla. Strapped inside the car is a mannequin wearing one of SpaceX spacesuits. They are expected to orbit the sun for hundreds of millions of years.

The success gives SpaceX momentum to begin developing even larger rockets, which could help fulfill Mr. Musk’s dream of sending people to Mars. To do that, he has described a new-generation rocket called B.F.R. (the B stands for big; the R for rocket) that might be ready to launch in the mid-2020s. The Falcon Heavy’s maiden flight makes pursuit of the goal more plausible.

Mr. Musk’s visions include humans living both on Earth and Mars. He’s part of a new generation of entpreneurial space pioneers that includes Jeffrey P. Bezos, the founder of Amazon, who has said millions of people living in space is one of the goals driving his rocket company, Blue Origin. Planetary Ventures, an American company with a large investment from Luxembourg, hopes to mine asteroids for profit. Moon Express, based in Florida, sees a business in providing regular transportation to and from the moon.

For now, the Heavy will enable SpaceX to compete for contracts to launch larger spy satellites, and some experts in spaceflight are encouraging NASA to use private rockets like the Heavy instead of the gigantic and more expensive rocket, the Space Launch System, that is currently being developed in part to take astronauts back to the moon.

“It basically gives them another tool in their toolbox for accomplishing the space community’s goals,” said Phil Larson, an assistant dean at the University of Colorado’s engineering school who previously worked as a senior manager of communications and corporate projects at SpaceX.


Two of the Falcon Heavy’s boosters returning to earth at Cape Canaveral eight minutes after launch. CreditSpaceX

Just over three minutes after it blasted off, the most suspenseful part of the flight was over, as the boosters dropped off and the second stage continued into Earth orbit.

Some eight minutes after launch, a pair of sonic booms rocked the area as the two side boosters set down in perfect synchrony on two landing pads at Cape Canaveral. The center booster was to set down on a floating platform in the Atlantic, but there was no immediate word on its fate. In the past few years, SpaceX has figured out how to routinely bring a booster stage back in one piece to fly again on future flights.

  1. In Mario News we have two things. Mario Kart is coming to Mobile now. During nintendo’s financial results meeting. Nintendo announced the new Mario Kart Mobile application. This game will be Titled Mario Kart Tour. The game is probably going to be released next fiscal year which is april 18 to march 2019. What we also learned is that they will be killing off Miitomo on May 9th.


In more news we also learned that Mario will have a new movie which is being made by the same team that made Despicable Me. This is being Co Financed by Universal Pictures and Nintendo. Universal will be handling the movies distribution worldwide. Guess they didn’t want to see Sony help out. We all know that video game movies don’t always do well in the markets how do you think this will do?


Thank for joining us for this week’s edition of nerd news. We have a question for you …. What would you do if you found out you were deepfaked? Leave an answer in the comments below. Please click that like button and subscribe to Nerd Confessions.

Over and Out Soheils got the clout.

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