The last Nerd Confessions podcast for 2017! To close out the year we are covering Netflix’s biggest and most expensive exclusive to date, Bright! Is Will Smith losing his star power? Are the fantasy elements and orcs just tacked on? Does the movie follow Director, David Ayer’s film formula too closely? Is it as bad as Suicide Squad? Did diddler Max Landis ruin the reception of the film with his diddles? Watch or listen along as we discuss!

Very odd listener confession this week from @etarira670 via Twitter.

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Show Notes

Nerd News

Netflix’s Bright

What is Bright?

Bright is a cop film much like Training Day (2001), but Bright also includes fantasy elements such as you would find in franchises like Shadowrun (with modern theming instead of cyberpunk). You could say it’s Training Day meets Lord of the Rings. The world has fantasy races such as Fairies, Orcs, Minotaurs and Elves. Much like Star Trek the inclusion of fantasy races is used as a way to create social satire and commentary in what otherwise would be an controversial or unacceptable manner.

Unlike common fantasy films such as Lord of the Rings in this world there are wands that can only be used by Brights which is much like a wizard in Harry Potter, except in this world if a muggle were to try to use the wand they will explode! Unlike Harry Potter, however the wands can nearly grant wishes and appear to do almost anything.

The plot of the film follows Ward a cop played by Will Smith and his Orc partner, Jakoby played by Joel Edgerton. Orc in this universe are considered blooded when respected or joined in an Orc clan. Jakoby is the equal rights hire for the Los Angeles Police department and because of this is not socially accepted by his peers or his orc kindred. Ward and Jakoby end up in the middle of a conflict that involves preventing the resurrection of the Dark Lord and this is the main conflict of the film.


Netflix officially picked up the film for a $90 million deal with filming beginning in fall 2016. This makes Bright the most expensive Netflix film to date.

The screenplay for Bright was written by Max Landis also known for films such as Chronicles (2012), Victor Frankenstein (2015).

The director is David Ayer known for his crime films such as Training Day (2001), Harsh Times (2005), Street Kings (2008) and most recently Suicide Squad (2016).

Filming was completed by February 4th 2017.

In December 2017 before the film even released on Netflix, a sequel was already confirmed to be in production with Will Smith reprising his role.

On December 22, 2017, Bright released worldwide on Netflix.

Main Cast

  • Will Smith as Daryl Ward (LAPD officer)
  • Joel Edgerton as Nick Jakoby (Orc cop partnered with Daryl Ward) Previously in: The Gift; The Great Gatsby; Kinky Boots
  • Noomi Rapace as Leliah (Dark elf, doing dark elf stuff) Previously on: Alien:Covenant; Prometheus; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo[swedish version]
  • Edgar Ramirez as Kandomere (High ranking elf in FBI) previously in: Girl on the Train; Joy;Domino
  • Lucy Fry as Tikka (Young elf doing young elf things) Previously in: H2O:Just Add Water; Vampire Academy; The Darkness
  • Brad William Henke as Dorghu (Orc  leader of the Fogteeth gang) Previously in: Split;Pee Wee’s Big Holiday; Pacific Rim; Space Jam; lots of tv shows


The exact opposite of the recently released The Last Jedi (even though much more hated by critics than users hated Last Jedi), the critics rated the film very poorly with a much higher user review in contrast. This shows a disconnect between what the Netflix audience likes and critic’s perception of Netflix’s biggest leap into Hollywood film competition.

Rotten Tomatoes critic rating is currently at 27% from 66 critics with an audience rating of 89% average from 10,753 users.

MetaCritic currently rates the film at 29 from 26 Critics. 7.4 out of 10 average for the 440 user reviews.

IMDB user rating currently rate the film at 6.6 / 10 out of 47,056 user reviews.

The Diddle Drama

The day of release for the film drama appeared on Twitter as part of the #metoo movement. In response to Netflix’s tweet on the release of the film @AnnaAkana tweeted, “Written by a psychopath who sexually abused and assaults women, right? Cool.” This is in regards to the film’s writer, Max Landis.

This was followed by more people such as the controversial GamerGate activist, Zoe Quinn who tweeted under @UnburntWitch, “Sometimes men who commit sexual assault are talented screenwriters and their work comes with baggage. Other times, they’re Max Landis.”

Did you know?

Bright is one of Netflix’s first films to tout 4k picture with HDR visuals. The HDR color is raved as one of the most amazing and eye popping parts of the film.

Overall thoughts

What do we rate the film? 7 out of 10.



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