The highly anticipated procedurally generated survival game, No Man’s Sky has just been released on both PS4 and PC. While the game failed to meet the wild imaginations and pie in the sky ideas portrayed before the games release, one of the most dreamed of features for the game was VR. With the soon to be released Playstation VR a lot of people were hoping for an announcement of VR support with the headset, however we have no word on this yet. With the high amount of pop in, frame rate drops and abundance of bugs the game has it doesn’t look like we’ll have any support for Playstation VR soon if ever. What most people may not know, however is you can experience No Man’s Sky in VR on PC on both Vive and Oculus Rift right now! Although, it is not yet natively supported.

VorpX is a 3D driver for VR experiences that can take a large amount OpenGL and DirectX games and render them with Stereo 3D to your Vive or Oculus HMD. It is even able to perform head tracking by simulating mouse movement for first person experiences. The effect is definitely not as user friendly as native VR support, but the experience is 100% better than the home theater experiences that are currently offered to experience games in VR. Which is just a 2D screen in a 3D room.

Those with motion sickness be wary!

I was able to personally experience No Man’s Sky using vorpX on my Oculus Rift and I can say it is definitely enjoyable despite some hiccups you might expect. Seeing the beautifully crafted universe in 3D and having the opportunity to get up close and personal with the alien life was amazing and a hint of what VR experiences can offer us in the future. Roaming the colorful unique worlds, with the HMD (Head Mounted Display) on, only able to focus on the world around me with the fantastic soundtrack of the game (performed by 60 Days of Static) lends itself to the immersive experience the game shoots for.

I wouldn’t recommend this for first time play. No Man’s Sky does not run extremely smooth on PC right now so you either need a very high spec rig or to turn your details down until you’re able to pull a steady 60fps or higher. Any lower and it will definitely detract from your experience. Resolution is also a problem, ideal resolution for both Vive and Oculus Rift is 1080×1200, however the closest you can get on No Man’s Sky currently is 1600×1200 and 1280×1024 meaning you’re going to have a little cut off on the corners and some absent screen space on the very top and bottom. VorpX makes up for this with a color blur which fills in those empty spaces and keep them from being much of a sore spot in your peripheral vision. This also works best with the largest viewing angle set of 100 for both vertical and horizontal.

To get No Man’s Sky to work with vorpX I recommend that you import the profile for Doom by SorryAboutYourCats from cloud profiles. Remove the Doom.EXE from the profile and add the NMS.exe from the install your install location for No Man’s Sky. On launch hit the delete key to turn on the 3D effect.

VorpX is a $40 software package and a full supported list can be found here:

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