Pokémon Go is officially a national phenomenon and it’s well on its way to expanding across the world launching in Europe today and an imminent Asian territory launch. While observing this craze spread across my social media and news feeds, I came to a realization: This is the first craze I’ve seen in recent memory that promoted getting out of the house for physical activity and this could be a great influence for better physical health for both children and adults!

Inspired by the exploratory nature of the game, I decided to incorporate Pokémon Go into my daily jogging routine. I already have a few safe and well traveled routes that I tackle every few days and couldn’t wait to see where these pocket monsters may be hiding! Before I plugged in my headphones and jammed some tunes while I tried to be the very best, I decided that I’d incorporate additional exercises based on the actions within the game:


Catch a Pokémon = 10 push-ups

A Pokémon Escapes = 20 Push-ups (Get Better!)

Check-in to a PokéStop = 10 Sit-ups

Pop an incense = Increase your running pace


So how did this routine treat me? Excluding the embarrassment felt from dropping to the ground to do push-up randomly in public view, it worked out fantastically! I ran a total of 5.3 miles in the course of 1.25 hours. The first half of my run was relatively barren of Pokémon so I popped one incense and kicked-up the pace! In total, I caught 11 Pokémon with 2 being brand new resulting in 130 push-ups. The one downfall I encountered with my routine was the lack of PokéStops. There was only one my entire route so I only got in 10 tiny sit-ups. My abdominal muscles begged for more!


All-in-all, I really enjoyed applying Pokémon Go to my workout routine. It inspired me to run further and faster (my average route being only 4 miles long) while also helping me find a unique method to incorporate some upper body and abdominal work along with my run. You’re welcome to take my routine and apply it to your own work-out regimen and the Nerd Confessions crew would love to hear your ideas for a Pokémon Go infused work-out routine! Leave some comments below or even shoot us an email at Contact@Nerdconfessions.net and we may even discuss your submission in next week’s podcast!

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