The runaway success of Overwatch has resulted in any upcoming multiplayer shooter being instantly compared to Blizzard’s phenomenon. While many may be asking if LawBreakers will be “the next Overwatch”, I prefer to distance it from direct comparison and say it’s “The next big thing”!

I haven’t had the opportunity to get some hands-on time with LawBreakers, but what I have seen has my interested peeked and what Cliff Bleszinski has to say about the game has me straight-up excited! Bleszinski and his team at Boss Key Productions are not designing the game with the aspirations to be the next great e-sport, but rather they are focusing on designing something that gamers will become fully engaged with for a long time. If they the e-sports money train toots its horn in the future, then they’ll deal with that opportunity.

The launch trailer revealed to us four different classes (Titan, Enforcer, Assassin and the Vanguard) with more to be announced in the future. Each class has their own set of weaponry at their disposal, an unique movement ability and an alternative ability that I view at the moment as a sort of “super” ability akin to Overwatch’s abilities. Boss Key Productions intends to keep the number of classes small, opting to allow players a strong set of a few characters that are all capable of cleaning-up the competition rather than the rock-paper-scissors approach offered by the large rosters of its competitors like Battleborn and Overwatch.

Cliff Bleszinski is often credited with revolutionizing the third-person shooter with Gears of War’s cover mechanics and I think he may be doing the same with mobility in the first-person shooter space. In addition to each character’s movement ability, Boss Key Productions has shown off a grappling hook that allows players to swing and pull their way through environments at breakneck speeds and special locations of the map will feature gravitational anomalies. These unique locations of the map play with physics in way that are both mind-bending and offer unique strategy options that can increase a character’s jump ability or flip them upside down and word on the street is that the team has several surprises in store for players that they’re not quite ready to reveal to us.

It’s not often that I get excited for multiplayer experiences. More often than not, they serve as a fun diversion for a few hours until I go on to my next epic single-player adventure. However, I have a strong feeling LawBreakers will be smash hit on PC that will really tickle my fancy. The one thing I’d love for LawBreakers to follow in Overwatch’s footsteps? A PS4 and Xbox One release. I’ll keep my fingers crossed over this gravitational anomaly on my desk!

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