Nintendo had previously stated in an investors’ call that they had only intended to bring the Wii-U version of the latest Legend of Zelda to E3 2016, but the great Mario house seems to have had a change of heart! Many were disappointed to hear that the highly anticipated reveal of the NX  would be skipping E3 for an undisclosed future event and even more concerned to learn that all efforts were to be focused on just one single game. That’s a lot of pressure to place on Link’s shoulders, but fans can now breathe a sigh of relief as Nintendo announced today a much healthier  and varied line-up.

Link picture by Nintendo

Day one of this two-day event will focus solely on a big blow-out for the Legend of Zelda. Reports have hinted that Nintendo is advising that the demo will take up 90-minutes to complete and will also have several trailers to accompany the demo. It’s exciting that Nintendo’s going all out for the latest Zelda but we’ve been lead to believe that we’ll only be witnessing the Wii-U version so hints of how the NX iteration may differ may be non-existent.

Day two’s plans were recently revealed today and could be a reaction to the very negative fan response to the lack of games Nintendo previously alluded to. Starting off with a bang , we will see a developer Q&A with Niantic to discuss the upcoming mobile game Pokemon Go. Much of this game remains a mystery but this should send some light on the ambitious augmented reality project expected to launch sometime in 2016. Additional games to be shown include Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE for the Wii-U along with Dragon Quest VIII, Monster Hunter Generations and Pokemon Sun/Moon for the 3DS.

Below we’ve included the image of games Nintendo has promised to be at the event. But, if I was a betting man(which I am!) I’d place some cold hard coins that Nintendo will have a few Wii-U and 3DS surprises up their sleeves for fans!

Games that have been announced to be at  E3 2016

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