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S03E07: Marvel's Black Panther 2018 and Vibranium
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S03E07: Marvel’s Black Panther 2018 and Vibranium

Nerd Confessions Podcast: Tommy Slommy wishes he could line his clothing with vibranium this week as we cover Marvel’s latest film for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Black Panther! Is it […]

S03E06: Arms on Nintendo Switch last content patch 5.0
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S03E06: ARMS on Nintendo Switch last content patch 5.0

Nerd Confessions Podcast: We spread out our big spring arms in the spirit of Valentine’s day to embrace all the new updates that have come to ARMS on Nintendo Switch […]

S03E05: Gang Beasts by Boneloaf
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S03E05: Gang Beasts by Boneloaf

Nerd Confessions Podcast: We punch and grab for our funny bones this week as we play the ridiculous beat ’em up party game, Gang Beasts from the small indie developer, […]